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October 2012 Muzzleloader and Rifle Elk Hunts

November 01, 2012 by

October 2012 Muzzleloader and Rifle Elk Hunts with H&A Outfitters, Inc.

Well, what can I say? October was an awesome month for elk hunting in New Mexico! H&A Outfitters, Inc. and our clients had another exceptional month of elk hunting. We hunted 16 clients in the month of October and we had 100% opportunity.

13 Bulls Harvested

We harvested 13 bulls.  9 of them were mature 6 x 6 bulls, 3 of them were 5 x 5 bulls, and 1 was a rag horn bull that the client chose to harvest on the last day of his hunt.  The 3 hunters that ate tag soup along with myself all had shots.  Two of them wounded some nice 6 x 6 bulls and one missed a nice 6 x 6 bull and I’m embarrassed to say but I myself wounded a 6 x 6 bull.  I have to blame the ammo.  I hit this bull twice, dropped him and he got up and ran and jumped a fence and acted like he had never been hit!  Couldn’t believe my eyes!  What can I say?  Shit happens! 

My wife, Vicki, harvested her first bull.  It was a respectable 5 x 5,  and the shot was impressive - a little over 400 yards and she dropped him.  She was lucky enough to have our son, Drew, guide her on the hunt. 

Mule Deer and Mountain Lion Hunts

Look for our November post and photos. It’s time to start hunting mule deer in the month of November.  December will start our mountain lion hunts and yet another elk hunt.

Keep Updated at Our Blog

Keep checking our blog posts.  That’s it for now.  Always take the shot the mountain gives you. 

Until next time. Adios, Andy

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