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New Mexico Hunting Guides

H&A Outfitters, Inc. is owned and operated by Andrew Salgado.  Andrew is dedicated to providing you with the best big game hunting opportunities New Mexico has to offer.  Andrew is a full-time outfitter based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, specializing in professional fully-guided big game hunts for elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope,  mountain lion and black bear, rocky mountain bighorn sheep, desert bighorn sheep, ibex, oryx.

H&A Outfitters, Inc. was established in 1992 and conducts all hunts on the basis of fair-chase hunting ethics.  This outfit has built a reputation as a hard hunting, hard working honest outfit. Andrew has achieved what outfitters strive for: that is a long list of satisfied clients. Due to his high level of service and success, H&A has enjoyed a 70% repeat clientele every year. Andrew's only guarantee to you is 110% effort in every aspect of his operation. 

A big part of Andrew Salgado's success in the outfitting business is because of his guides. Some of the men that guide for H & A Outfitters, Inc have been with him since he started in 1992. Not only do they guide for him, but they are long time friends and always looking after H&A's best interests and yours. You can rest assure that your guide is a professional and is knowledgeable of the country and the game you’re hunting. They will work hard to give you a quality hunting experience. Andrew and his guides look forward to meeting you in one of H&A's camps!

H&A Outfitters, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider, fully licensed and insured, permitted by the Gila National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest, Carson National Forest, Cibola National Forest, Bureau of Land Management and State Lands. H&A is licensed through the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

Our Team

Andrew Salgado - Outfitter/Guide

Andrew has lived and hunted throughout New Mexico since 1972.

Vicki Salgado - Office Manager

H & A Outfitters, Inc. wouldn’t be where it’s at today without Vicki's hard work.  She takes care of all details big or small for your hunt. She will answer all your questions in a very professional and courteous manner. Vicki will assure you that when you book a hunt, no detail will be left out. Behind the scenes, Vicki deals with all the ongoing bureaucratic red tape it takes to run an outfitting business. She has over 25 years of experience in the outfitting industry and knows every aspect of it.

Ed Gonzales - Camp Cook

Ed has been our camp cook since 2015 and through trial and error, he has turned out to be great addition to our team.  He always has an upbeat attitude and keeps the camp running well. Ed is always willing to give a helping hand wherever it is needed, going above and beyond. Also I would like to pre-warn you, Ed does have the gift of gab and loves to talk and tell stories! Not to mention, he's a pretty good cook and will keep you well fed throughout your stay.

Andrew  Salgado, Jr. - Guide

Drew is our youngest guide! Although he has been assisting on guided hunts for several years, he officially started guiding in 2013.  Drew has the experience, knowledge and instinct that makes him a top-notch guide. Drew is a natural!  He has produced trophies for his hunters since day one.

Anthony Peperas - Guide

Born and raised in New Mexico. Anthony is a long time friend and one of our original guides.  He's been guiding for us since 1992.  He also owns his own successful construction company. Because of his passion for hunting, he leaves it all behind to guide a full schedule every year for H & A Outfitters, Inc. and produces trophies for his hunters time and time again. Anthony has a great ability to figure out the movement and pattern the game he is hunting.

Tom Holder - Guide

Born and raised in New Mexico. Tom is a life-long family friend, retired from State Parks in 2000 and has guided for H & A Outfitters, Inc. ever since. Tom, aka White Man, is a veteran guide and continues to produce game and opportunity year after year for his hunters.  White Man is silent but deadly and loves the challenge of the hunt.

Chris Padilla - Guide

Born and raised in St. Johns, Arizona.  Chris has guided for H&A Outfitters, Inc. since 2012.  Chris is a childhood buddy.  He loves the challenge of the hunt. He will probably be one of the hardest working guides you will ever hunt with and he always produces trophies and opportunities for his hunters.  His Native American instinct shows in his guiding ability which makes him a top-notch guide and very deadly in the field.  

Sean Matthews - Guide

Born and raised in New Mexico. I have known about the Matthews brothers and their success hunting public lands in New Mexico for many years and for many years I've tried to get them to guide for H&A. Finally, in 2016, I was lucky enough to get two of them to guide for us. Big Sean will go the extra miles to make sure you have a successful hunt. In the past four years him and his hunters have enjoyed lots of success and one of them harvesting a bull of a lifetime.

Jason Sweeney Matthews - Guide

Born and raised in New Mexico. Jason has been guiding for us since 2016. He has guided for many well known outfitters throughout New Mexico and is a seasoned guide that knows how to get it done. He has won many state champion archery shoots and is an avid bow hunter and has hunted and guided in many GMUs throughout the state. With his combined experience and knowledge of the units, makes him a top notch guide.

On occasion we hire other guides that aren't mentioned above, but are also a valuable asset to H&A Outfitters, Inc.