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General Info

New Mexico Non-resident License Fees

License fees do not include a mandatory $65 annual Game-hunting License, $1 vendor fee, $4 habitat management and access validation fee, $5 habitat stamp or $15 administrative charge for landowner permits.

  • Elk: $555 Standard / $780 Quality or Quality/High Demand
  • Deer: $290 Standard / $375 Quality or Quality/High Demand
  • Pronghorn: $290
  • Cougar: $290 (Over the counter)
  • Bear: $260 (Over the counter)
  • Turkey: $100 (2 tags / Over the counter)
  • Oryx: $1,630
  • Ibex: $1,630
  • Sheep: $3,180

Types of elk hunts we offer

Public land hunts with landowner permit:
This hunt is more expensive since a landowner permit has to be purchased. Landowner permits run anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the unit and trophy quality.

Public land draw hunts:
These hunts are a great value. They're the same exact hunt minus the landowner permit.

Fully guided hunts

Semi-guided hunts

Cow elk hunts

Youth Hunters Apply for Free

This service is offered for our fully guided youth hunts only. Our youth hunters have several exceptional opportunities to hunt big game in New Mexico.To be eligible for these hunts, each applicant must be younger than 18 years of age on the beginning date of the hunt.Youth hunters must be certified and provide proof of successfully passing a hunter education course.Youth hunters must carry their hunter's safety certificate with them at all times during the hunt.Youth hunters that hunt with H&A Outfitters, Inc. will receive a substantial discount on their hunt.

Mobility Impaired Hunts

New Mexico offers several big game hunts for mobility impaired hunters.Before a hunter can apply for these hunts, they must be issued a four-year Mobility Impaired Card.Forms and more information can be obtained from New Mexico Game and Fish Department.The mobility impaired hunter's guest will not be charged the non-hunter fee. This service is offered only on a fully guided basis.


Non-hunters are welcome at our camps and depending on the circumstances, they may or may not be allowed to participate in the hunt itself. This should be discussed prior to booking the hunt. There is a $125 per day non-hunter fee for the entire hunt. Non-negotiable.  There is a limit of one non-hunter guest per client/hunter.

Semi-Guided Hunts

Our New Mexico semi-guided hunts for bull elk, deer and pronghorn take place in several GMUs throughout the state. We offer this service for our clients that join our DIY Application Service or for the people that draw a tag on their own in any of the GMUs we offer semi-guided hunts in. This is a great opportunity to apply and draw a tag on your own utilizing the outfitter draw pool in some very good hunting units that we selected to insure good opportunity and success and also good trophy potential. Your semi-guided only service will include one day scouting before your hunt date. Keep in mind our guides know the units very well. Our professional guides will assist and guide 2 to 4 hunters at a time for 2 to 4 days utilizing proven grounds, water holes, feeding areas, elk and deer travel routes, and calling when productive. Our guides will assist in field care during the semi-guided days only. You will provide your own camp and supplies and transportation throughout the hunt.


This service is for our fully guided hunts only. Our camps consist of either wall tents, ranch bunk houses, cabins or motels, depending on your hunt. Tent camps are part of a true western hunting experience.Each sleep tent will be equipped with propane heaters, lanterns, and comfortable cots.Hot showers will be available at our tent camps.A separate cook tent will be set up where meals will be prepared and eaten.On our fully booked camps with 4 to 8 hunters, there will be a full time cook.For camps with 3 or less hunters, the guides will prepare meals.Either way, there's always plenty to eat! Alcoholic beverages will not be provided by H & A Outfitters but are not prohibited.You're welcome to bring your own and drink in moderation at the end of the day.


Our guides and cooks work very hard to make your hunt as enjoyable and successful as possible. Although gratuity is not mandatory, it's very much appreciated. It seems like a lot of clients ask "how much"? Here's a suggested guideline to go by: For guides figure 15% of your hunt cost. Example: $5,000 hunt cost = $750 gratuity. For cooks figure $25 per day so on a 5 day hunt it would be $125 and so forth.

Suggested Gear List

  • Knife and sharpener
  • Weapon and ammo
  • Sleeping bag rated at 10 degrees or less
  • Light rain gear
  • Light waterproof boots
  • 2 pairs of socks per hunting day
  • Day pack
  • Compass or GPS
  • Small first aid kit with aspirins
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Camera and film/camera card
  • Rangefinder
  • Binoculars
  • Camo clothing and cap
  • Light and heavy jackets
  • Long underwear (winter hunts only)
  • Waterproof boots 400 grams (winter hunts only)
  • Waterproof gloves (winter hunts only)
  • Personal wash towels or wet ones
  • Sunscreen
  • Cover up scent
  • Windicator
  • Lighter and/or matches


H&A Outfitters, Inc. strongly encourage the use of fixed blade, cut on contact broadheads rather than expandable or chisel tip style broadheads. It was always left at the hunter's choice and it still is if you insist. Therefore, we are forced to put in place a new wound policy. Due to wounding way too many bull elk during the past three archery seasons, if a hunter wounds an animal using expandable or chisel tip broadheads, unfortunately that could be the end of your hunt and you and your guide will spend the majority of your hunt looking for your wounded trophy.

I understand the importance of being as accurate with your weapon as possible, but keep in mind the kill zone on an elk is approximately 14" high and 10" wide. I think we can tune our bows to be accurate in a 6" radius using the appropriate tip and arrow for the size of the animal. A heavier arrow always seems to pass through with ease compared to a light arrow with a light tip. 85% of our shots are under 35 yards and the other 15% are under 45 yards. We owe it to the wildlife to be as efficient as possible.

Suggested Loads

  • Archery: 125 grain minimum
  • Muzzleloader: 50 caliber minimum
  • Elk Rifle: 160 grain minimum
  • Deer Rifle: 140 grain minimum
  • Antelope Rifle: 140 grain minimum

New Mexico Average Temperatures

  • September Hunts: Highs 70-95 / Lows 35-40
  • October Hunts: Highs 55-75 / Lows 20's
  • November Hunts: Highs 45-65 / Lows 10-20
  • December Hunts: Highs 25-50 / Lows 10 to below zero
  • January Hunts: Highs 25-50 / Lows 10 to below zero

Get More Info or Book Your Hunt by Calling (505) 474-6959