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New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

Our New Mexico pronghorn antelope hunts take place on private ranches and state lands throughout New Mexico. These are three day hunts that take place from August thru October. We offer both draw hunts and hunts with a landowner permit. Landowner permit prices vary anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on unit and trophy quality. (Landowner permits are an additional cost and your option) Pronghorns make a beautiful addition to any trophy room and we're proud to have 100% success since we've offered these hunts and hope to continue this success.

New Mexico Antelope Hunts

Antelope Hunting Methods

Spot and stalk.

New Mexico Antelope Hunts

New Mexico Hunting Dates & Rates

  • Antelope hunts take place from August through October.
  • $3,000 3-day hunt  2 on 1 guide service.
  • Please note, price does not include state license fees.
  • Semi-Guided Pronghorn Hunts:
  • 1 guide only for 2 days - 2 hunters only $1,500 each plus tax
  • 1 guide only for 2 days - 3 to 4 hunters $1,250 each plus tax

New Mexico Youth Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

Youth Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

Our youth pronghorn antelope hunts are conducted in quality units only.  These hunts are fully guided 2 x 1 guide service. 

  • $2,000 (Discounted $1,000)
  • 3 day hunt
  • Call for Hunt Dates

Read more about our Youth Hunting

New Mexico Antelope Hunts

New Mexico Antelope Application Service

H&A Outfitters makes it easy to hunt pronghorn antelope in New Mexico with our application service. Since 1992 we've been helping hunters just like you apply for and draw tags in New Mexico's best hunting areas. Learn more about the H&A Outfitters application service.

New Mexico Antelope Hunts

Antelope Hunt Deposit

The deposit required to secure this hunt is $500. For your convenience, you can pay your new mexico antelope hunt deposit, securely, online.

New Mexico Antelope Hunts

References & Past Hunts

Have questions on our pronghorn hunts or the validity of H&A Outfitters? Our past hunters will clear any questions up you may have.

  • Joe Lista, NJ (732) 580-6880
    Rifle Antelope Hunt - Successful
  • Todd Kersten, NJ (908) 642-0247
    Rifle Antelope Hunt - Successful

References - View all on our references page
Past Hunts - View our pronghorn hunting photo gallery

H&A Outfitters Guide & Outfitting Service

Why H&A Outfitters, Inc?

  • New Mexico veteran outfitter with a solid reputation.
  • Fully licensed and insured full-time outfitter.
  • Conducting professional big game hunts since 1992.
  • Long time member of the New Mexico Council of Outfitters and Guides(NMCOG).
  • Professional guides (top-notch).                                                                     license application service! Read more about our application service
  • Hundreds of client references. Read more
  • We offer a wide range of big game hunting opportunities.
  • H&A Outfitters, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider permitted through the USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management and is licensed through the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.
  • H&A Outfitters, Inc. has an A+ rating with the New Mexico Better Business Bureau.

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H&A Outfitters, Inc. has been guiding hunters and specializing in professional New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunts since 1992. My reference list of both successful and unsuccessful references will speak for itself. Hopefully I have the opportunity to meet you at one of our camps. Call (505) 474-6959 or email us to request information on our antelope hunts. Your success is my success!


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