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Congratulations goes out to Jeremy Vargas on his monster New Mexico Wheeler Peak Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep! Jeremy had many outfitters to choose from, but he put his trust in H&A Outfitters, Inc. and we produced the biggest rocky mountain sheep killed in New Mexico in 2014 other than the Governor Tag hunter! Jeremy's ram green scored a little over 185"! A lot of hard work went into Jeremy's hunt. Even though he harvested his ram on opening morning, the pre-season scouting was the key to success! We spotted this ram a month prior to his hunt, made several trips into Wheeler Peak to keep our eyes on his location and most importantly stayed with the ram we called Yellow Horn six days prior to Jeremy's arrival. I'd like to thank Jeremy Vargas for putting his trust in us and getting the job done! I'd also like to thank Rick Ortega (guide) and Andrew Salgado Jr. (guide) for their hard work and dedication that they put forth in this hunt not to mention sleeping on the mountain watching this ram six days prior to mine and Jeremy's arrival! Without them, we wouldn't have produced this bad ass trophy!